The 8 Secrets to Optimal Breast Health

There Is So Much More To Breast Health Than Your Annual Mammogram!


. Secret 1 .

Free Your Breasts

Learn why wearing a bra less often is actually a health benefit and how to care for your breasts when you take the bra off!

. Secret2 .

You Are What You Digest

Is your digestion a stagnant pond or a flowing river? Open the door of perception to your digestion and its connection to your breasts.

. Secret3 .

The Breath of Life

Are you consciously breathing life into your body and especially your breasts? Learn how your breath can positively affect your breasts.

. Secret 4 .

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

Energy flows where your attention goes – what are you paying attention to? Explore the emotional connection to your breasts and learn to manage your energy.

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Rituals of Daily Attention

. Secret 5 .

Clear Your Communication Pathways

Are your communication pathways clear? Learn how your spine sends messages to your breasts and restore your Glow!

. Secret 6 .

Sleep … Are You Getting Any?

Are you falling into sleep or dropping from exhaustion? Learn how to get the most out of this special time of healing for your breasts.

. Secret 8 .

Early Detection

Got breasts? Screen them! Learn how to do a self-exploration of your breasts and enjoy it!

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Rituals of Daily Attention for

Secrets 5 – 8

. Secret 9 .

Sex … Are You Getting Any?

Sex…. Are you getting any? Learn how experiencing the pleasures of your body keep your breasts healthy!

. Secret 10 .


Dreams are the playground of our subconscious. We heal in our dreams. Learn how your breasts intertwine into dreamtime.

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Rituals of Daily Attention for

Secrets 9 – 10

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