Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the frequently asked questions below. If you don’t find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us via email or give us a call.

General Information

How does thermography work?
Thermographic scanners measure the infrared waves (heat) emitted by your body and translate it into thermal images. Thermography detects areas of localized, increased temperature, which usually correlates with inflammation or tissue abnormalities. Those areas can be viewed as “hot spots” of existing or potential problems.

To put it simply, if an area of your body starts to get “hot”, it’s going to do so at a very early stage in the disease or injury process. This gives you an early warning and head-start to further investigate changes in your body and eliminate the sources of inflammation.

How long will my appointment take?
This depends on the study. The breast screening and the Men’s or Women’s Health Screening (head to hip) scan each require 30 minute appointments, with an actual scanning time of about 10 minutes. A full body scan appointment lasts about an hour, with an actual scanning time of approximately 20 minutes.
Who performs the test? Who analyzes it and writes the report? What kind of training and knowledge do they have?
A trained, certified clinical thermographer obtains the imaging and Dr. Gregory Melvin, DC, BCCT reads the studies, generates reports and provides recommendations.
What is involved in completing a baseline scan?

After your initial scan, Dr. Melvin will suggest either a 3 month or 6 month rescan to complete your baseline for your breasts (or prostate). This second scan is offered to you at a reduced price when you schedule and complete the scan within 6 months of your initial scan.   

Once your set of baseline scans is complete, Dr. Melvin suggests annual scans. The fee returns to the original price for your annual scan and is only reduced if you have to return again within 6 months due to any new discovery.

Are there any risks or side effects related to the procedure?
None at all.
Why are the scans so expensive?
​Providing top quality thermographic imaging requires time, specially trained personnel and superior equipment. We utilize the latest technology and software and provide ongoing support for you for as long as you remain our patient. We are always available during our office hours for any comments, concerns or questions. Dr. Melvin is the nation’s leading authority in the field of thermography and his knowledge and experience are priceless. Thermographic studies are more intuitive, more precise and less costly than many other conventional imaging modalities (mammography, CT, MRI, nuclear studies, etc). The consultation we provide involves one-on-one counseling, a review of findings and recommendations. Supporting materials, such as online videos, are available to our patients at any time. Our priority is to always provide the best care to our patients while concurrently minimizing the cost.
Will the scan tell me if I have cancer?
Mammograms, thermograms and ultrasounds are all screening tools only. None of them can diagnose cancer. Only a tissue biopsy can provide diagnosis. However, a thermogram can detect the presence of a potential tumor or problem area 8-10 years sooner than a mammogram. Thermography can detect potential angiogenesis (new blood vessel formation), which would be a cause for concern as this is usually occurring in malignancies to support tumor growth.
Is thermography just for women?
Absolutely not. The information gained from a thermogram is valuable to men and women, of all ages, in any state of health. Inflammation is at the root of most diseases. Thermography is an ideal tool for monitoring inflammatory changes in your body. Thermography can be used to detect:

Dental Issues
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)
Heart Disease
Digestive Disorders
Vascular Disorders

Back and Neck Pain
Injuries and Fractures
Lymphatic Stagnation
Hormonal Imbalances
Musculoskeletal Dysfunction

Everyone has their own unique thermal vascular mapping. By having regular comparative thermographic check-ups, you are able to take action before a disease process gains a firm foothold in your body.

Should I wait if I'm sick (cold, flu, sinus infection, etc.)?
Do not do the scan if you have a fever. If you have a cold or sinus infection, this may show up in a scan of the head/neck. It’s not really an issue for a breast scan, but the technician should be told so that it can be noted on your chart.
What if I forgot and still took a bath or shower before my appointment?
​Alert the technician so that it can be noted for the doctor to take into consideration when reading your scan.
What if I have a skin rash/lesion/wound right now?
​That depends on the area and extent of the rash/wound. For example, if you have a rash in your breast area, then it would be best to wait on getting a breast scan until the rash is resolved. Conversely, a rash that is localized to your legs will not affect your ability to receive a breast scan.
Should I wait if I just had surgery?
​It depends on the location of the surgery. For example, if you just had a tooth pulled, you could still do a breast scan. Otherwise, if the surgery is in the same area that will be scanned, you should wait until at least 3 months after your date of surgery.

Scheduling & Payment Options

Scheduling Your Appointment

Appointments may scheduled by calling or emailing the office.

We do ask for a credit card upon scheduling in order to reserve your appointment time.

Our cancellation policy for thermography is 24 hours. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment or are a “No Show” for your appointment, you will be charged $100 for your reserved appointment time. 

Cancellation Policy

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all appointments with an Thermography For Health NY Practitioner. Canceling within 24-hours will result in a $100 charge to the credit card on file.

No-shows: If you do not show up to a phone, video/telemedicine or in person appointment without notifying the specific person you have an appointment with either via email or by changing the appointment by phone more than 24 hours prior to the appointment, you will be charged $100 to the credit card on file.

Payment Options

We gladly accept the following forms of payment options:

CREDIT CARDS, CASH, CHECKS, and HSA* & FSA** Accounts are acceptable forms of payment.

*HSA = health savings account
**FSA = flexible savings account

Do you offer any discounts?

Special Introductory Offer for New Patients:
All new patients receive $25.00 off the thermography package of their choice as well as a complimentary oral parasite saliva test. (To be scheduled separately.)

Baseline Scan Courtesy Savings:
Completing a baseline scan for breasts or prostate requires two scans over the course of 3 or 6 months (as recommended by Dr. Melvin). The second scan is offered to you at a reduced price when you schedule and complete the scan within the timeframe recommended by Dr. Melvin.   

Additional Scan Courtesy Savings:
The thermography fee is reduced if you need to return for an additional scan within 6 months due to any new discovery on your previous scan.


Email Etiquette
Patients have unlimited email contact with their Thermography For Health NY provider team. However, if an email question or request is deemed by one of our staff to be too complicated or involved for a response via email they may, at their discretion, require that the member schedule a phone, telemedicine or in person visit instead of responding via email.

Billing & Insurance

We Are Not A Conventional Primary Care Physician’s office
It is important to note the following however:

1. We do not fulfill an insurance company’s requirement for an in network primary care physician as we are not in-network with any insurance plan.

2. We are not available for same-day emergency appointments.

3. We do not have a 24-hour answering service and do not take calls on weekends. If you need to be seen urgently or have a medical emergency you would need to visit an ER or urgent care center.

We Do Not Bill Insurance Companies
The cost of any services provided by Thermography For Health NY will be billed to you directly.

Non-Thermography For Health NY medical expenses such as lab tests and prescription medications may be covered by a member’s health insurance plan per that plan’s rules.

Thermography For Health NY will not submit a medical claim to insurance on your behalf. We cannot assist you with claim resolution for our services.

We will provide you with a detailed billing summary.

Especially For Women

Can I still get a scan done during my menstrual period?
​Yes, you can. Regardless of where you are in your cycle at the time of the study, the temperature should be symmetrical (even) on each side of your body.
Will my scan still be accurate if I'm pregnant right now?
​Breast imaging should be done 3 months after delivery, completion of breastfeeding or any surgery.
What if I'm still breastfeeding my child?
You should wait until 3 months after you finish breastfeeding your child. You can still do a health screening; however, the breasts will not be a baseline or an accurate indication due to the increased hormonal response.
What's the difference between a mammogram and a thermogram?
​Mammography uses x-ravs and can only detect a tumor 8 years after the beginning of tissue differentiation. The radiation from mammograms can be cumulative and, in susceptible individuals, may cause malignant changes. Compressing the breasts during the mammogram can disrupt an existing tumor and cause it to spread. Thermography, on the other hand, involves no radiation, no pain or direct body contact and can tell you how your body is responding to a disease process.

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