Betsy Kuhnau RDH, CCT

Betsy is an advocate of natural healthcare and supports her patients with a wide range of healing modalities.

Betsy is a Certified Clinical Thermographer, & a Licensed Dental Hygienist specializing in Periotherapy, Thermography, Aroma Touch Therapy, and Tibetan Tones Sound Therapy. Her additional certifications include Tong Ren Therapy, Local Anesthetic, CPR and CO2 Laser Therapy, and Tibetan Tones Sound Therapy. She attends numerous continuing education classes that focus on naturopathy, essential oils and holistic health and wellness.

Her intention is to lead people towards prevention and early disease detection. She has developed and implemented periodontal therapies, facilitated patient education programs, teaches natural solutions using essential oils and has a strong relationship with naturopathic health and wellness communities.

A note from Betsy:
“I believe the body is the most amazing healing “machine” ever invented! We must take great care to nourish and maintain the incredible gift of life that we have been given. I am honored to be able to share my knowledge, skills and guidance with my patients as they discover their healing process. I cherish the time I spend with my family and friends as this is an important part of my healing as I truly believe healing must happen on all levels of our being. In my free time I enjoy yoga, biking, boating and skiing.”

“Thank you for your services!!”

Betsy is fantastic!!

She always makes me feel comfortable throughout the procedure and always folllows up. I’ve had 2 thermographies and will continue with annual visits. Suggestions provided have proven positive results to my health.

Thank you for your services!!!

– Violet M.

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