Be Beauty, Be You!

Get ready to discover the TRUE meaning of beauty

What Is Beauty?

Beauty is the light within you.

It is the light that shines outward and reflects your beauty back to you. If you are not living from your light your beauty will be dark.

Join me as we learn where beauty lives.

Learn how to recognize the dark side of beauty and become Be-U-ty by practice and awareness of you!

Hello Beautiful Beings!

I’m Tammy Kohlschmidt, creator of this course.

Join me in a deeper blossoming of beauty.

We are going to break down the concept of beauty in ways that will change your perspective and create a brighter bloom coming from you.

The bloom I’m referring to is your heart. Opening the heart is like a blooming.

In this course we will uncover and discover the beauty in you so that you can strongly hold the higher vibrations of beauty, joy and love.

And…….. Be-U-ty!

A lot of hard work went into this Beauty class and it shows. You touched different areas of beauty and they all tied in nicely. I particularly loved the meditation journey. I’m happy I have the workbooks, charts and the homework exercises to reference again and again. This class was excellent!


Be-U-ty Masterclass

Be-U-ty Masterclass Topics Include:

Beauty Rituals

Inviting Beauty In

Your Beauty Timeline

Beauty in Bloom

The Mirror of Change

Goddesses of Beauty


Crystals & Essential Oils for Beauty

Beauty & the Chakras

This class was profound. I wanted to have more self-awareness of the conditioned, negative thoughts I have about myself and about beauty. I got that and so much more. The teachings on Inner Beauty and about shifting your thoughts were very helpful. The resources you provide are so creative and supportive. Thank you!


Here’s What’s Included:

  • 2 Recorded Zoom Calls with Tammy teaching on Be-U-ty (a total of 3 hours)
  • 2 Comprehensive Workbooks covering everything from both calls
  • Practical and Personalized Action Steps to help you bloom into your Be-U-ty!
  • BONUS: Beauty Meditation
  • BONUS: Bath Rituals
  • BONUS: Quick Access Be-U-ty Guide containing all the essential oils, chakras, goddesses, and more that are covered in the course

Say Yes to Be-U-ty!

Be Beauty, Be You


I am so emotionally moved by this beautiful and heartwarming class. All I can say is that I’ve never attended a class like this! Everything you taught – it just cut right through me, straight to my heart.

You helped me see that the femininity we woman possess is beyond words.

Thank you so much for shining your glorious light over us through this class, Tammy. I will be indulging in these recordings many times. They are that good!