An Introduction to the Deeper Quantum Benefits of Meditation


Mediation can change our state of BEING. Practiced regularly, it can reduce stress levels, rewire our brain, open us to the quantum field of possibilities, create internal and external alignment, harmony, and much much more. Click here to read more about the deeper quantum benefits of meditation.

These Angel Whispers came to me during a Body Talk session when I asked the question: “What do most women need to hear or know?”

These whispers are about the healing power of touch, especially for your breasts. This is a simple, soothing, and fun daily ritual to decrease stress and increase pleasure. It only takes a few minutes, and you will be amazed at the results. 

Beauty is the light within you. It is the light that shines outward and reflects your beauty back to you. If you are not living from your light your beauty will be dark.

Get ready to discover the TRUE meaning of beauty.

This guided meditation helps you receive and embody the gifts of beauty, allowing you to radiate positive energy into the world and inspire others to do the same. Regular practice strengthens this energy, making it easier for you to share and embody beauty in your daily life.

As we sleep and enter dream time, the subconscious begins to sort out our issues, emotions, worries, or concerns. We also go into a deep state of healing as we sleep.

That’s why quality sleep is so important to our optimal health and wellbeing. Try this bedtime Falling Into Sleep ritual for an easy way to release the mind of its burden and allow yourself to let go.

Discover the rejuvenating power of “The Fountain of Vitality” guided meditation.

This immersive experience invites you to visualize yourself in a serene natural setting, drawing from an endless source of vitality.

Through deep, soothing breaths and gentle focus, release tension and embrace a state of profound calmness. Allow the healing energy to permeate every cell of your being, revitalizing your mind, body, and spirit.

Cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and carry the essence of vitality into your daily life with this transformative meditation.


Many of you have asked, “What more can I do to remain strong, healthy, and calm?”

The most powerful “supplement” we have is to Hold Our Light. And we are in control of it!

Holding your light holds your cells, your vibration, and your calm. Please enjoy this simple, yet empowering, meditation I’ve recorded for you. Listen to it daily – or even more frequently – and hold your light steady.

Intentions are born from the faith of possibility and pure love. Setting intentions that are positive and related to your highest goals will help you achieve your heart’s deepest desire.

Use this Intention Arrows Meditation regularly to get into an upward spiral of thoughts and feelings that support your desires. Have fun with this and then watch out for amazing things to begin happening in your life!

This meditation will help you reprogram your mind by bringing your awareness to a single moment to reframe your pattern of thinking, gaining self-mastery and empowerment over your thoughts.

Thoughts are energy and with enough intention and attention they are manifested and become our reality.

It becomes one of your greatest treasures as you realize the true core of self-empowerment is being present and clarifying your mind.

Without boundaries, you will have deep inner conflict. Relationships are stressful and even traumatic without boundaries. No relationship in your life can thrive without boundaries.

The question is this: Are your boundaries healthy? Are they your own?

This meditation helps you find your way with boundaries, overcoming the fears associated with setting boundaries, and creating the courage needed to be true to yourself.

Summon the Lion to harness your courage!

Trees are the lungs of the earth – giving oxygen and receiving carbon dioxide. We have the breath of life because of them. They root us to the earth and help us reach for the divine. If you are very still among the trees, you will hear them whisper to you.

Trees have messages that hold ancient truths for us all. Tree Talk is fun if you give it a try!

In appreciation for our Trees of Life, try this Tree Ritual to engage all of your senses. 

Meditation can change our state of BEING. Practiced regularly, it can reduce stress levels, rewire our brain, open us to the quantum field of possibilities, create internal and external alignment, harmony, and much much more.

Elevate your meditation experience and embrace serenity. Purchase our 8 Meditation Set now and embark on a path to a calmer, more centered you.