Someday you’ll find it, the Rainbow Connection
– Kermit The Frog- 


I’m sure you know what it means to be present. So, I ask you – are you in your Glow – are you in your Power – are you in your Presence when you are Present?

So many of us are aware of where we are, meaning we are present. And yet, so many of us do not show our presence.

To me, our presence is our ownership of our truth and our inner knowing that we have a glow, a light, something to shine as we move through our day and be present in each moment with our presence.

Witness yourself in this present moment and tune in to your presence. Let your presence be the present you give to others.

The present of presence is the greatest gift you can give and that gift becomes a mirror of reflection so that you can receive.

Your presence is a gift in each moment of interaction with another and with yourself.

Imagine your glow, your power, and your light wrapped in a bow of color and that becomes your rainbow.

If you see rainbows this summer– in the sky, or on a bumper sticker, let it remind you to connect to your presence in the present moment.

And that, my soul-friend – is the best Present you could ever give yourself.

The universe is waiting for you to show your GLOW.

The Rainbow Connection is in your Presence.

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Tammy says:
When you have lost your connection to the magic in your life – Citrus Blends help restore your GLOW. Share and show your glow by placing a few drops of Citrus Bliss above your belly button. This will start your Spark!

Diffuse Citrus Bliss throughout the home or office to help create a positive atmosphere while adding a refreshing aroma to the air.

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Put one drop on your wrist and rub both wrists together for a great everyday perfume.

Add two to three drops to dryer sheets to add a refreshing aroma to your laundry.

Add to a carrier oil for a cheerful hand massage.

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