What is mind food?  Let me explain:

Mind food is a way to feed a seed of thought for a perception enhancement or a shift. Feeding your mind with mind food is a way to retrain your brain or your ways of thinking that may not be serving you. It’s meant to pose a question or a series of new thoughts for your mind/body complex to digest. 

Remember, you are what you think you are, so if you are ready for a shift, maybe this will help lead you to greener pasture.

For today’s Mind Food segment, we will take a look at pressure and resistance  

Do you know if you are under pressure or in resistance? 

 Let go of your need to control anything, resist anything, and just try listening to your inner still voice that guides you towards surrender.  When you surrender, the body relaxes and all systems begin to flow. 

Watch this clip for deeper integration into Mind Food. 


In love and light,


Watch this short video clip from my 12-part series: Your Body Your Breasts


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