What is an Emotional Brew? Let me explain:

An emotional brew is what is inside of you, waiting to be synthesized, processed, released and honored.

When you Synthesize, Process, Release, and Honor your emotional brew, healing can happen.

First- Spend some time breathing this gets some activation going throughout your body. Activating the energy is needed for synthesizing and processing.

For the release you can sweat, cry and laugh. My favorite way to sweat is with intentional dancing. I set an intention and move it through my body until I’m drenched, then I might cry or laugh. It depends on the brew that is stirring inside of me. Other times I write- I pour out what I’m feeling and why.

For me, joy is a journey over yonder.

I have to move towards it when my emotional brew has me intoxicated with negativity and non-sense. Dropping down into your body and really feeling its heaviness become lighter is a way to honor yourself and take responsibility for your Emotional Brew.

Enjoy this clip from Episode 1 of Your Body Your Breasts. This is the start of becoming aware of your emotional brew. Awareness is always the first step towards healing.


In love and light,

Watch this short video clip from my 12-part series: Your Body Your Breasts

Tammy Kohlschmidt YBYB
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