“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap,
but by the seeds you plant.”

 – Robert Louis Stevenson  

This holiday season, give the gift of something special. All you have to do is open our Holiday Gift Guide and make your choices.
Whether you’re looking for a unique present to surprise your loved ones or wanting to treat yourself to something extra special, this guide is full of great ideas that are sure to make everyone happy.


From luxurious healthcare products and high-tech additions for your home, to pampering accessories, you can find just about everything here.

I’ve curated gifts for every price range and style – from timeless essential oils to the latest air purifier and infrared sauna. Everything in our Holiday Gift Guide will support your health and wellness goals for 2023.

Take a look at some of the ideas below. Then call the office if we can help you place your orders. We’re happy to do so!



Gifts from doTerra

Pampering Gift Set

When it’s time for some much-needed self-care, have this set of goodies ready to go.

Whether it’s at the end of a long day or a weekend treat, this can be your go-to “Pampering Kit.”

Fill your bathtub, add Epsom salts, rose petals, and a few drops of your favorite doTerra essential oil.

Create your own custom blend – add a few drops of both a citrus and a floral essential oil. You might try Orange and Jasmine, for example. If you want pure relaxation, try Chamomile.

TIP: While the tub is filling, light a beeswax candle, brew a cup of Elderberry tea, and after disrobing, use your dry brush. Now you are ready to soak.

Use doTerra’s Hydrating Body Mist on your face, pull down your eye mask, and relax into your pampering zone while you sip your tea. AhhhhhhOpen the Holiday Gift Guide to get all the ordering links!

Water Gift Set

Hydration Gift Set

Hydration is essential for all four levels of your health – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Make someone’s day when you pull together these items for staying hydrated.

Purchase my favorite beautiful glass water bottle. Add a few drops of a refreshing essential oil for flavor, like Lemon, Ginger, or Spearmint.

Enjoy reading about the wonders of water when you take a break during the day to sip your beautiful water and read from The Healing Power of Water.

BONUS: Set a timer or phone alarm to chime every 1 or 2 hours throughout your day. Then spend just 5 minutes with your flavored water and the In the Moment Meditation. Your focus will improve and your life will be forever changed for the better! Open the Holiday Gift Guide to get all the ordering links!

Sauna gift Set<br />

Health Enhancement Gift Set

Make 2023 your healthiest year yet.

Start by reading “Medical Medium: Life-Changing Foods” and then choose your health focus. Here are some ideas for a customized Health Enhancement Gift Set.

Up your antioxidant intake by creating a daily ritual. Take a 5-minute antioxidant break. Brew a cup of elderberry tea, enjoy a few organic cherries or acai berries, and breathe while you do the Intention Arrows Visualization.

Refill your beautiful water bottle and add a few drops of Slim & Sassy metabolic blend. Add collagen to your daily routine to rejuvenate skin, hair, and more. Reset your GI system with the Microbiome Labs ‘total gut restoration system.”

You will see improvement at every level of your health from the cellular level outwards.

BONUS: Use a personal infrared sauna regularly to flush toxins, decrease inflammation, increase circulation, and sleep better. Open the Holiday Gift Guide to get all the ordering links!

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