Do you do the “work”?

Something I hear quite often is this: “I do so much work on myself. Food choices, appointments with practitioners, exercise, and more. But I still don’t feel well.”

Sometimes doing the work isn’t all physical. We are also emotional, mental, and spiritual beings

Sometimes we are so busy “doing” we forget being.

I’m giving you permission to take a nap.

20 minutes of rest mid-day is a chance for the mind to reboot, refresh, and restore you for the rest of the day.

We are energy – taking a nap is a chance to unplug and revitalize.

No time, you say? Reprioritize and find the time.

If you look deeper at time, you might find that it’s an issue of boundaries.

Even if you only do it twice a week. It is head-clearing and allows space for your emotions to be recognized instead of ignored, swallowed, and stuffed somewhere inside you.

Declare Thursdays as Nap Days!

All it takes is giving yourself permission. And I have a permission slip for you right here, along with a couple of recommendations for your napping pleasure. Try this 15-minute meditative music and nature sounds video for your next nap  (be sure to scroll down).

To your health!


Permission Slip
doTERRA Spotlight
Calmer Oil Restful Blend
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Tammy Says:  I use Calmer Oil to create a soothing environment and help rest my mind when I take a nap.

Calmer Oil’s relaxing and positive aroma helps to provide a restful atmosphere and helps make bedtime (or naptime) a peaceful and welcoming experience.

Diffuse at bedtime for a restful night’s sleep.

Try rolling Calmer on the bottoms of feet and back of neck.

do Terra Calmer
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