“Water that has been exposed to loving words 
shows brilliant and complex snowflake patterns.”
Masaru Emoto, author of The Hidden Messages In Water –

Water is alive and responds to emotions or vibrations.

Water is a finite resource. It comes down to earth from the clouds, evaporates, and begins the cycle again. The water of the dinosaurs is the same water we rely on today.

Some Facts about Water:

►  There are many contaminants in our water – chlorine, ammonia, arsenic, and
      lead to name just a few.

►  Boiling water makes a higher concentration of the contaminants of toxins. 
      The steam is the good part of the water. These contaminants stay in your

►  The water you use to shower and bathe in has a huge impact on your health
      because skin absorbs what it comes into contact with. This means the
      contaminants in your water are absorbed and taken into the blood
      circulation. We also inhale volatile contaminants from the steam.

►  “Safe” water is not necessarily healthy water because local municipalities and
      our government have raised the level of lead allowed in water that is
      considered safe because it is difficult to remove. Water treatment plants
      add chlorine and fluoride to ‘clean’ the wastewater and reuse it.

►  Our body stores toxins in our fat cells. Most of our breast tissue is made of
      fat cells. The fewer toxins you take into your body, the healthier your
      breasts, and your entire body will be. For deeper integration of breast
      health, take my course and give me your GALS! This is a course unlike any
      other. It is a deep dive into your breast health and how it intertwines with
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Yes, Water is Alive!

Water holds memories. Speak loving words of gratitude to your water as this clears the negative memories that water can hold. Talk to your water the way you would talk to your plants or pets. Water understands your vibes, as your words are felt as vibrations. These vibrations communicate to water, plants, animals, and subliminally to all living things.


Author Masaru Emoto

To learn more about the incredible “aliveness” of water, I highly recommend reading one or more of Masaru Emoto’s books, especially The Healing Power of Water.

Water Book

Water Purity Webinar

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PUR2o Water Purification

There are multiple benefits to purified, ionized, alkaline water. It provides superior hydration and detoxification on the cellular level.

PUR2o filters and purifies your drinking and cooking water by removing chemicals, pharmaceuticals, organic pollutants, VOCs, heavy metals such as lead, and many other contaminants that could be present in drinking water; whether it comes from the city or a private well.

PUR2o offers a series of unique state-of-the-art systems of water filtration and purification solutions for your home. Depending on your water problems, your needs, and preferences, PUR2o’s water professionals will find the right solution for your drinking, cooking, and whole house water.

PUR2o Healthy Water
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My Favorite Water Bottles

The Phoenix Crystal Water Bottle

This is my all-time favorite bottle for my self-care rituals. It is imprinted with the Phoenix on the front and has crystals at the bottom which can further infuse vibrations and goodness. The more magic we have in our life the more we feel uplifted. I use this bottle when I have my meditation time, my journal time, or when I’m not feeling my best. It reminds me that I will rise again just like the Phoenix.

Phoenix Water Bottle

The Flower of Life Bottle

The flower of life represents the cycle of creation and has the blueprint for all of life – down to the level of the atoms that make up you and me, all life on earth, and even the planets themselves. It is one of the sacred patterns of the Universe. 

Flower of Life Water Bottle

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