US researchers have found that curcumin (the active ingredient found in Turmeric which I discussed here)  helped stop the spread and growth of breast cancer tumor cells  in mice.  In addition, they found that Turmeric  helped the chemotherapy drug, Taxol, work more effectively.

Research has shown that Turmeric can block breast cancer causing toxins.  Turmeric also inhibits an enzyme called COX-2 that has been found to play a key role in the progression of breast cancer. The COX-2 stimulates tumor cells to divide, stimulates the growth of new blood vessels into the tumor, makes the tumor better at invading the surrounding tissues, and increases the risk of the tumor spreading to other areas of the body.  Turmeric is able to block all of these effects!

Who knew a little spice could be so powerful!?

Be Well,

Tammy Kohlschmidt RDH, CTT, CBP