“May your walls know joy,
may every room hold laughter,
and every window open to great possibility.”

Mary Anne Radmacher

Gift giving during the holidays is a long-standing tradition that brings joy to family and friends alike.
There’s something special about finding the perfect present that fits the recipient like a glove.

To make holiday gift buying easier this year, focus on selecting quality items that will bring timeless pleasure and enhance their life.

Show how much you care by getting your loved ones something special they will want to use throughout the year.

Whether you’re looking for a unique present to surprise your loved ones or wanting to treat yourself to something extra special, this guide is full of great ideas that are sure to make everyone happy.

From luxurious healthcare products and high-tech additions for your home, to pampering accessories, you can find just about everything here.

I’ve curated gifts for every price range and style – from timeless essential oils to the latest air purifier and infrared sauna.

Everything in our Holiday Gift Guide will support your health and wellness goals for 2023.

Take a look at some of the ideas below. Then call the office if we can help you place your orders. We’re happy to do so!



The Wonder of Trees Gift Set

The Wonder of Trees Gift Set

Immerse yourself in the wonder of trees.

You can do this whether or not you venture outside for some Forest Bathing. Pick up one of these amazing and informative books, unroll your yoga mat, fill your water bottle, and have a seat.

Browse through the books while you do a few stretches on your mat. Print the Tree Ritual Meditation (or pull it up on your tablet) and rest in the beauty of trees.

Enjoy the “fruit” of your favorite tree (whether it’s nuts, seeds, or fruit). Place a few drops of doTerra’s Balance Blend in your Laluz or Volo diffuser.

Now you are ready for some communion with the power and majesty of the trees.
elax, be still, and let the trees help to ground you.

BONUS:Do the Summon the Lion Visualization once you are in this centered, grounded state. Open the Holiday Gift Guide to get all the ordering links!

Sleep Well Gift Set

Sleep Well Gift Set

Get ready for a great night’s sleep.

Light a beeswax candle, play some quiet music, and soak in the tub (or do a foot soak) with Epsom salts and a few drops of Lavender oil before bed.

After your soak, add a few drops of Bergamot (or Lavender or Serenity Blend) to the Laluz or Volo diffuser by your bedside and place your sleep journal on the nightstand with your favorite pen.

Spritz your eye mask and sheets with Serenity Linen Mist before tucking in for the night.

Sweet dreams! Open the Holiday Gift Guide to get all the ordering links!

Body Work Gift Set

Body Work Gift Set

Reduce stress, reduce stiffness, and improve your flexibility, posture, and balance.
Start with this Body Work Gift Set and make a commitment to your body.

Include some joyful movement (use the rebounder – it’s so much fun!) every day.

Grab your yoga mat, water bottle, fascia balls, and favorite stretching routine. Spend a few minutes doing full-body-stretches and fascia release exercises to keep your fascia healthy and free from restrictions.

Finish off your body work session with a self-massage!
Add a few drops of doTerra Aromatouch blend to your palm. Add a small amount of fractionated coconut oil and let the oils warm up. Another option is to use Deep Blue Rub. Either way, it’s time to giv
e those muscles some love. Ahh, that feels great.

BONUS: Schedule a biomagnetism therapy session at TFHNY to balance pH, reduce inflammation, pain, and more. Your whole body will thank you. Open the Holiday Gift Guide to get all the ordering links!  

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