I’m all for promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month and ‘Early Detection’ but many people recommend and emphasize the wrong thing (Mammograms!) during this month.

In my practice, I focus on overall breast health and ways to prevent breast cancer in your daily life rather than putting the emphasis on testing, poking, and squeezing.  Mammograms have been the gold standard for years and many doctors recommend them because they think they are the best for detecting cancer early- but this is not true!  Studies show that a thermography exam can identify precancerous or cancerous cells earlier and will produce unambiguous results.  This can cut down on additional testing .

People need to educate themselves and know how dangerous Mammograms can be!

Mammograms emit a high level of radiation and can increase your risk of radiation inducted cancers.  They can also lead to false positive results.

But with a Thermography exam there is no harmful radiation, it is noninvasive and causes no pain or body contact.

Thermography is a safe and efficient way to access your overall health!

Be smart.  Learn what is out there and make your own informed choices.

Be Well,

Tammy Kohlschmidt RDH, CCT, CBP