During the New Year we are all looking for ways to improve our health and wellness. (I can’t tell you how many of my friend’s New Year’s Resolutions are to be healthier and exercise)

Instead of blindly assessing what your body is missing you should come in for a Thermography exam!

Thermography is not only for breast cancer and women.  It can help you see if there is any inflammation in certain areas of your body and how to best address them.

For those of you who are new to my Blog or were wondering what theremography is here’s an old Post:


I’m sure many of you have wondered what those ‘colorful’ photos were under my Blog Name.  Those photos are thermal images.

As a Licensed Dental Hygienist and Certified Clinical Thermographer I believe the mouth and body share an ecosystem that must be treated as a whole to obtain sustainable health.

Thermography helps promote overall vitality and wellness.  It is an excellent choice when considering a proactive approach to maintaining your health.  Thermography allows us to see what you may not feel.

It is noninvasive, there is no harmful radiation, and no pain or body contact.

If you or anyone you know is interested in a body screening please contact me at Thermography for Health NY and Set up an appointment today.

Early detection saves lives!

Be Well,

Tammy Kohlschmidt RDH, CCT, CBP