-“Shooting at the walls of heartache…
Bang bang, I am the warrior.”

– Lyrics from ‘The Warrior’ by Scandal –

The warrior within begins again and again.  

Driven, unfaltering, focused, and thriving.

Our inner warrior is there for everyone else, all of the time.

Maybe your warrior is The Provider, The Caregiver, The Activist, or The Educator.

Acknowledge your inner warrior and show appreciation for yourself today.

As you give, so shall you receive. Receive some acknowledgment today for all you do.

My Warrior is the Rider. It is the gift I give myself to clear my mind and feel my freedom.

It also clears my heart as it sometimes grows heavy.

Warriors live from their hearts and their instincts.

Woman on Motorcycle

Notice how strong your inner Warrior is when it has to be. Notice how you rise with a strong heart and instinctual knowing.

Your inner Warrior stands for you as well as for others.

Shoot your arrows at the walls of heartache. Take a quick dance break for your warrior. (With  the music video for Scandal’s song, The Warrior)

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