The hazy shade of Winter is 
the Allure that can lead us to spiral in.
 – Tammy Kohlschmidt – 
5 Charms of Self-Empowerment 

Let Winter allure you.

Consider its energy Winter is the time of contractioneverything in Nature contracts and closes in.

There is a mysterious life force that spirals in and sleeps. There is a stillness and yet the activity of contraction is spiraling in.

Even our body contracts  things feel tighter and maybe there is less motivation. Let this Allure you into the gift of Winter.

Spiral yourself into your inner world where you can meditate, contemplate, and appreciate all that you’ve experienced, and all that is yet to come. 

If going into stillness challenges you – think about this and how you may be doing what an Eagle naturally does as it approached its 40th year of life.

An Eagle typically lives a 70-year lifespan. At around 40 years  it begins the arduous task of renewing itself – to prepare for its survival for the next 30 years.

It bashes its beak against rocks in order to destroy it so that a new one can grow – a sharper version of itself.

It then pulls out its talons (with this new beak) so that it can grab its prey and continue to hunt for its survival.

Finally – it plucks out all of its feathers – it literally re-feathers itself so that it can take flight with new wings.

Eagle in winter

Meditate on that! How does that pertain to you – and remember  our body also is constantly rejuvenating itself.

Let Winter ALLURE you into some self-rejuvenation, and a new appreciation for the Eagle.

Get your blood warmed up with this song for a good dance break!                                       Bangles – Hazy Shade of Winter.

doTERRA Spotlight
Black Spruce
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Tammy Says:

Spruce trees are able to sustain their color and vitality all year round. They give us the gift of green in a gray Winter’s landscape.

Spruce helps us preserve our energy during the Winter as we naturally go into contraction. It will keep you grounded and stable during times of uncertainty.

Soothes the skin.

Relaxes and calms the emotions.

Aides in reducing and managing stress.

Helps support clear and easy breathing.

doTerra Black Spruce

Diffuse Black Spruce for reducing stress during difficult circumstance

Apply to skin to soothe minor skin irritations.

Inhale during the day to experience the fresh aroma and help sustain feelings of easy breathing.

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