I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving with their family and friends. This year I stayed home and cooked a lovely traditional full Course meal for my family.  Very delicious and great conversations!

It is important to be thankful not only on Thanksgiving but every single day of your life.

Practicing gratitude is a way of giving thanks everyday.  Every morning before I leave my home I stop and think of the people I am grateful for.  I think of how grateful I am for my life and my purpose.  I send thoughts of gratitude into nature for continuing to inspire me and sustain me.

Giving thoughts away is like praying.  I like to visualize a garden of trees and flowers with an old stone wishing well.  It is here that I send my thoughts of happiness and abundance to the people that grace my life in so many ways.

Thoughts are a powerful gift- energy follows thought and this is the way to manifesting health and well being.  In your daily gratitude, remember to be grateful for YOURSELF!  You cannot truly give to others until you have given to yourself:  time to dream, time to care for yourself, time to rest, time to play.  When your needs are met you will give effortlessly because you are Full-Filled.

Your cup will run over from you to everyone else.

Practice this everyday.

Be Well,

Tammy Kohlschmidt RDH, CCT, CBP

And Remember: Give a gift this season that that nourishes the heart, body, mind, and soul from my