Turmeric has a lot of amazing qualities that I stated in my post ‘Spice up Your Health.’  I also mentioned that when you combine  Turmeric and Green Tea you can tripple the cancer fighting effects of both substabces!

The great news is Turmeric also has an amazing affect with you cook it with Soy.  Talk about Power Foods!

When you cook Soy, you can significantly enhanse its anti-cancer properties by adding a punch of turmeric to your recipe!

Research has shown that when turmeric and genistein (component in soy) are combined, they have a synergistic effect.  In simple terms- combining both make each other more effective.  A study at Tuft’s University in Boston showed that when these 2 anti-cancer ingredients where put together all tumor growth stopped.

Everything you put in your mouth is your choice.  It is your body.  It’s a wonderful thing that we actually have control over!  I suggest to do your own research, find what you believe in, talk to doctors you trust and respect, and find your own journey.

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Be Well,

Tammy Kohlschmidt RDH, CCT, CBP