As you sleep you heal. All levels are connecting at

the deepest layer of your subconscious. Your physical,

mental, emotional, and spiritual selves are being enhanced.

– Tammy Kohlschmidt

 – The 8 Secrets to Optimal Breast Health – 

Ask yourself this: Do you have a bedtime ritual? Do your children?

Creating a bedtime ritual before sleep is one of the best ways to calm and soothe your nervous system so that healing can happen while you sleep. I call it “Entering the Cave.”

If you prepare your nervous system to Enter the Cave, you will sleep deeper and dreamtime becomes the time for the subconscious to play.

Enjoy this brand new eBook on Sleep and let it help you ritualize your sacred time of healing. The recipes for diffusing the bedtime oils are my favorite! Try them out and share with me which are your favorites. 

To your health!


The 8 Secrets
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