Sleep time is play time for our subconscious.

As you flow into sleep your mind-body complex

is healing on all levels. Physically,

Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually.

– Tammy Kohlschmidt – 

– The 8 Secrets to Optimal Breast Health – 

Sleep is a mysterious state of our human existence. Sleep is the time our body heals. This is the time we go into the most mysterious part of being human. I call it retreating to my cave. Sleep is where our immune system does its greatest work. Our cells communicate best at rest and that is when healing is the top priority. Not only does healing happen, so does the processing of our fears, worries, joys, and sadness. It is the time for our subconscious to work out the planning, processing, and organization of our lives. Sleep is a flow system of restoration that follows a rhythm that is just as necessary as breathing.


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Sweet Dreams
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Tammy says:   

Diffusing this recipe an hour before bed is one way to enter your dreamtime by ritual. Ritual enhances our instinct for feeling connected and safe. It brings a sense of meaning to the moment we begin to prepare for the mystery of sleep.

Sweet Dreams Recipe
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