Quick Question: Are you shining your light or holding your light?
It’s important to know the difference. 

Shining happens when you are in the giving mode – lit up from within and leading, sharing, guiding, and gliding.

Holding happens when you are rejuvenating, empowering yourself, going within and restoring yourself. Its essence is receiving.

hold your light

Wherever you find yourself, here are two things you can use to BOOST your light:

Both shining and holding your light strengthen your immune system. Isn’t that cool? (More on strengthening your immune system below.)

Honor your light at any brightness and remember to move between shining and holding (giving and receiving).

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Tammy’s “Immune Support Bomb”
To Boost and Support Your Immune System:
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do terra veggi caps

Place all drops into an empty doTerra Veggie Cap. Take one capsule every 4-6 hours. Be sure to fill each Veggie Cap immediately before ingesting as the essential oils dissolve the capsules very quickly.

Repeat daily as desired during cold and flu season.