“Give me a WARNING, give me a SIGN – tell me what will I find?”

 – Lyrics from “Shine” by Collective Soul –

It’s always in the ASKING. When you ask for guidance you must trust it will arrive. Synchronicity cannot give you a “sign “if you do not have belief that it is yours to receive.

Believing that you deserve to receive – ah, well yes, that could be a potential block.  Easily uncovered with a Body Talk session.

So my Story Goes:

I’ve asked the Universe for signs all of my life. And received them.

One time, in my crazy youth, I thought I may have been infected with HIV.  I was TERRIFIED and kept it a secret, paralyzed with what that could mean.

I was living in L.A. at the time and I was driving to Vegas for a dead show. (Grateful Dead).  During the drive, I asked calmly for a sign, and I was specific.  I asked that when I arrived it would thunder, and then I would know that I was going to be Okay.  We arrived at the Excalibur, I got out of the car and it cracked THUNDER.  My burden was lifted in an instant. I did my GRATEFUL dance all the way up to the hotel and then was kicked out because I was barefoot….(another story indeed).


Learning to ask and then allowing yourself to receive is a high form of self-love.  Opening yourself to believe that there IS a divine connection and you CAN and ARE a part of that is the first step.

Many times the signs did not always come as I specified, AND they came in ways that were better than what I thought I needed. Mostly what I needed was to know that I was seen, heard, and understood.

It is important to understand that when you begin to ASK you cannot ask from a place of worry, fear, or anger. These vibrations cause static and are not received well through the quantum field. Asking from a place of calm, love, wonder, and respect are vibrations that attract (not repel).

Let me know if I can help. Body Talk has a way of opening your floodgates and drowning out all that needs to be washed away while letting the Light shine in.

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Body Talk Session
doTERRA Spotlight

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Tammy Says:

doTERRA Align helps the emergence of love and self-acceptance. Before you can align with divine, you must find some alignment within yourself.  It can help you move out of conflicting beliefs.

Diffuse while setting intentions about self-acceptance, trust, and fluidity.

Apply over heart, wrists, and back of neck to promote feelings of self-acceptance and fluidity.


doterra align
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