I want to acknowledge you for being so proactive with your health and
not following the status quo of traditional medicine.

You want to feel healthy, vibrant, and energetic! Not feeling healthy puts us in a disruptive state. This state depletes us physically and emotionally.

Today, we once again are confronted with new health concerns or challenges. We need to once again decide what model to follow and what direction to go in for preserving our health. As you know, I am a strong believer that the best treatment for disease is prevention.

I’m asked on a daily basis for my recommendations.

With that in mind, I’ve put together what I think is an effective program to help strengthen your protection. The use of essential oils is one of the key components to being proactive against many threats to your health. 

Why? Because many essential oils can enter the cell membrane and support your body’s ability to defeat invaders.

Properties and Benefits of Essential Oils:

  • Biologically active
  • Have specific cellular targets
  • Selective
  • Active at the surface of the cell
  • Lipid soluble – pass through tissue and membranes
  • Very small molecules (up to 6 million in one drop) efficient at penetrating into tissues/ cells

    Here is my “Daily Recipe for Health”
    that boosts and supports your immune system:

    (Order any of these quality doTerra products through our website or simply call the office)

    • On Guard hand sanitizer: use regularly
    • On Guard throat drops: as desired
    • On Guard foaming soap: use regularly
    • Breathe respiratory blend: diffuse or roll on to chest
    • Breathe respiratory drops: as desired
    • Eucalyptus: diffuse or massage onto chest