Did you know that your voice carries your signature vibration?

You can use your voice as a form of meditation. Especially if you’re finding traditional meditation difficult right now, I encourage you to use the power of the spoken word.

I’ve created the “Hold Your Light” meditation in written word so you can speak it gently to yourself. This is very powerful, as our voice holds healing vibrations that our cells respond to. You can download the written meditation right here.

Use your voice wisely and with loveSpeak this meditation aloud to yourself.

In the midst of all that we cannot control, your voice is something you can control. You can utilize your voice for your strength, stamina, and flexibility during this trying time.

If you did listen to the meditation, did you notice the birds chirping in the background? 🐦

I’m offering remote Body Talk sessions by phone! Body Talk has been the single most important modality I have ever encountered and used in my healing journey. It balances all levels of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.

We are so much more than 3D.

Take really good care of yourself during this time – let’s get a remote Body Talk set up for you. You will be amazed at the power! Simply email me or call me at the office to get your session scheduled.

You can listen to the meditation I created for you right HERE. And you can download the written meditation right HERE.