Today I want to share a special experience one of my clients had recently.

One of my clients just lost his entire business and had to recreate his life. With many unknowns creating uncertainty, anxiety, and inner chaos, we did a Body Talk session to see what his Body/ Mind/ Spirit had to reveal.

The moment I closed my eyes and asked his body for permission to go within, I heard this … “The title of his session will be Magical Mystery Tour.”

I told my client what I heard and we were both puzzled, surprised, and eager to hear more from his subconscious.

Within the next 30 minutes, important pieces of strategy, creativity, and structure were revealed for his business and his personal life.

hold your light

It was profound, exciting, and refreshing!

The perspective of the “Magical Mystery Tour” was such a clever way for his mind to “reprogram” itself and see the magic in the unfolding even in the midst of intense change and “drama.

And then to realize that he actually could tour with his business – wow! This is something that has come up for him in his sessions for YEARS – and he never saw how it could be possible. Timing is everything.

This is just one story of thousands. Body Talk has created clarity for so many people. I am truly honored to be part of the healing and positive change in the lives of many.

Reflect on this: Where in your life do you feel mystery or magic?  
Try a Body Talk session and see what is waiting to be discovered or revealed for you.

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Learn about the Principles of BodyTalk.

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