Don’t be shy- touch them!

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month rolls on I want to emphasize the importance of Self Breast Exams.  Breasts come in all different sizes and shapes.   It is very important for women to know their own breasts.  Being proactive and aware of our body and health is so important for women.   Self Breast Exams should be a part of your Self-Care Routine.

We should all know our breasts so well that we can detect if there’s something different or abnormal going on with them.  I recommend that all women ages 20+  do a Self Breast Exam every month ( right after your period.)

Is there a spot on one of your breasts that has recently changed? Do you feel a lump that wasn’t there before?

When we perform these Self Breast Exams we are performing an act of love on our body.  Most of us are not aware of how connected everything is in our bodies.    Taking care of oneself vibrates at the cellular level.  This “love exam and vibration” is felt by every cell in our body.  Our bodies are vibrating and the frequency of the vibration determines our health.

Love yourself- Make sure you are doing a monthly Breast Self-Exam.

Stay turned for my next post on ‘How to properly examine yourself.’


Tammy Kohlschmidt RDH, CCT, CBP