An Introduction to the

Deeper Quantum Benefits of Meditation

Mediation can change our state of BEING. 

Reducing Stress Levels  

Stress causes our body to be dysfunctional on all levels. That’s why it is vital to our well-being that we learn and USE tools that help to lower our stress level.


Meditating can lower our stress level and that helps to calm our nervous system, creating better flow of our body’s chemistry, messaging, and emotions.

Rewire Our Brain

Deeper levels of meditation can make deeper changes. We can reprogram our subconscious which will rewire the way we habitually operate due to our conditioning. We can fire on new circuitry – creating better pathways that can help us evolve and be more in our True Essence or a self-empowered state.

Meditation can bring awareness to what we are broadcasting energetically.  These are signals that go out to the Universe and to other people that can repel or attract. This is part of our subconscious wiring.

When meditating, we will broadcast different frequencies which will raise our vibrations and create a healthier harmony in our body-mind complex.

Relieving ourselves of old programming that no longer serves us IS POSSIBLE.

Opening to Possibilities

Meditation allows an opening into the Quantum field of possibilities, where all things exist simultaneously.  All information, all energy, all intelligence… it is ALL there for us to tap into and be a part of.

Alignment and Harmony

Meditation creates alignment of our three brains. With regular meditation, we open and clear a pathway or a portal in our mind and heart through our gut.  We have three brains – head, heart, and gut. The brain is our intellect, the heart is our soul and emotion or energetic connection, and the gut-brain is our instinct.

When our three brains are in alignment, we are more easily able to operate in the zone of quantum understanding. Decisions are easier, and we feel more flow in our body, our day, and in our life.

Having harmony and communication between all three brains creates a sense of Flow and Clarity that empowers us to take chances and believe in ourselves and our divine connection.

Meditations Created for You

I have created a variety of meditations for you to try.

All of them include detailed step-by-step instructions as well as additional guidance and tips. I have benefited in numerous ways by incorporating meditation into my life – and my patients have, too. They are the ones who encouraged me to make these available for you to purchase.

Try one or try them all! I can’t wait to hear about your experience.

Angel Whispers Meditation

Angel Whispers

These Angel Whispers came to me during a Body Talk session when I asked the question: “What do most women need to hear or know?” These whispers are about the healing power of touch, especially for your breasts. This is a simple, soothing, and fun daily ritual to decrease stress and increase pleasure. It only takes a few minutes and you will be amazed at the results.

Falling Into Sleep Meditation

Falling Into Sleep Bedtime Ritual

As we sleep and enter dream time, the subconscious begins to sort out our issues, emotions, worries, or concerns. We also go into a deep state of healing as we sleep. That’s why quality sleep is so important to our optimal health and well-being. Try this bedtime ritual before falling into sleep for an easy way to release the mind of its burden and allow yourself to let go.

Hold Your Light Meditation

Hold Your Light

Many of you have asked, “What more can I do to … remain strong, healthy, and calm?” Holding your light holds your cells, your vibration, and your calm. This is the most powerful “supplement” we have. And we are in control of it! Please enjoy this simple, yet empowering, meditation I’ve recorded for you. Listen to it daily – or even more frequently – and hold your light steady.
In the Moment Meditation

In The Moment

This meditation is designed to help you reprogram your mind by bringing your awareness to a single moment and reframing your pattern of thinking to gain self-mastery and empowerment over your thoughts. Thoughts are energy and with enough intention and attention, they are manifested and become our reality. It becomes one of your greatest treasures as you realize the true core of self-empowerment is being present and clarifying the mind.

Intention Arrows Meditation

Intention Arrows Meditation

Intentions are born from the faith of possibility and pure love. Setting intentions that are positive and related to your highest goals will help you achieve your heart’s deepest desire. Use this Intention Arrows Meditation regularly to get into an upward spiral of thoughts and feelings that support your desires. Have fun with this and start with something easy… then watch out for amazing things to begin happening in your life.

Summon the Lion Meditation

Summon the Lion

Without boundaries, you will have deep inner conflict. Relationships are stressful and even traumatic without boundaries. No relationship in your life can thrive without boundaries. The question is this: Are your boundaries healthy? Are they your own? This meditation helps you find your way with boundaries, overcoming the fears associated with setting boundaries and creating the courage needed to be true to yourself. Summon the Lion to harness your courage!

Tree Ritual Meditation

Tree Ritual and Journaling Exercise

Trees are the lungs of the earth – giving oxygen and receiving carbon dioxide. We have the breath of life because of them. They root us to the earth and help us reach for the divine. These are the energy exchanges of trees to all life on earth. If you are very still among the trees, you will hear them whisper to you. Trees have messages that hold ancient truths for us all. Tree Talk is fun if you give it a try! In appreciation for our Trees of Life, try this Tree Ritual to engage all of your senses.

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