As we leave Episode 2 of Your Body Your Breasts, I would like to give some insight into spirals.

Spirals are found in geometric patterns all over nature, in plants, in galaxies, in shells, and in our DNA.

One of the roles of the spiral is to share. Sharing is the basis of our evolution and has positive results for the giver and the receiver.

The spiral is an endless continuum of life. Spirals coil out within circles and expand our life force.

So, as I spiral out within our circle of sharing and giving, I hope your life force expands. As I give, you receive.

Watch the video clip below to see the spirals and circles that can improve your breast health!

Remember to do these 3 things to Free Your Breasts this week:

     1.  Wear your bra less.

     2.  Get rid of the wire!

     3.  When you take off your bra, massage your breasts in circles  – outward and inward.                    This regulates your flow systems.


In love and light,

Watch this short video clip from my 12-part series: Your Body Your Breasts

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