My Good Tidings to All of Us!

May you RENEW in 2022!

❄️ January – If you tend to get the January Blues, sing them loud and proud and let them move through your body. It’s a great way to RENEW.

❄️ February – Make February Fabulous! Find a passion that ignites your day-to-day Maybe it’s cooking or napping! Igniting a passion in your day can be small and savory – and that is an easy way to RENEW your Flicker and Spark.

❄️ March – March can be Marvelous or Maddening. Remember – the energy of Spring is spiraling under the earth waiting to burst forth. It is truly RENEWAL for nature and if you tune in to that underground stir – it can feel Marvelous or Maddening. Just remember – it’s only energy. It will move and lift.

❄️ April – April is a time of Awakening. Enjoy the brightness April can bring and let the rain RENEW you. Sometimes I go out for a walk in the rain – just to be in that Energy of Renewal.

❄️ May – May is a good month to pay it forward. The earth is giving us the beginnings of her bounty. Share what you can with others and help them feel RENEWED.

❄️ June – June is the time to invite Summer in. Invite a little time off, invite some fun days and smooth nights. When you send out some energetic invitations – you will be RENEWED after they show up!

❄️ July – July is a month of energy. As Summer builds our energy naturally expands as does the Earth. Try expanding your mind – RENEW your thinking and LIVE fully.

❄️ August – August is a time of settling into the expansion of Summer, knowing that very soon, we will be drawing back into the contraction energy of Fall. Maybe your RENEWAL this month is just simply being – chillin’ with a cool beverage and a cool state of being.

4 Seasons Tree

 ❄️ September – September’s RENEWAL may come with a new focus or a narrowing down of your schedule and plans as we intuitively know nature is beginning to contract. And so are we.

❄️ October – October is a month of Rhythm. Find your RENEWAL by gauging your rhythm. Are you flowing through your day or drudging along. Pay attention to your rhythm – honor it by allowing yourself to slow down or speed up. What do you need for RENEWAL? 1st gear or 5th?

❄️ November – Honor the Nights of November. Enjoy your evenings. Remind yourself that RENEWAL happens during sleep. Let the November Nights lull you into a slumber with the intention to RENEW.

❄️ December – Winter begins. The deepest contraction comes upon us. It’s a good time to be flexible in mind and body. Stretch more, read more – RENEWAL is swirling in a vortex as nature goes underground. Keep your vortex energized with LOVE.

May you feel RENEWED in 2022! 

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