Whether  I’m Right, Whether I’m Wrong…
 I  Gotta Be Me. 
– Walter Marks, American Songwriter


Please be YOU.

Follow your truth, whether you’re Right or whether you’re Wrong.

We all need You – to be righteous, to make mistakes, to be wrong, to be bad, or to be good. Without the duality, we have no reference to who we are, to what we aspire to be. Duality is the opportunity to fully experience life on earth, life as a soul seeking to evolve. 

Without dualitywe cannot know our truth  and remember this – what’s Right for You, may be Wrong for another. And another’s wrong may reflect back to you – so that you find your way to what’s right. (Your TRUTH)

To put it Simply  Duality reflects back to us so that we can navigate ourselves to our Truth, which idifferent for everyone.

That is why – I gotta be Me, and You gotta be You, and we all gotta respect the choices an individual makes and release the judgments, and know – that soul is on a path to finding out who they really are.

Be You

If you hold grudges or need help navigating through some sort of duality in your life –  try a Body Talk Session  we may uncover some hidden truths and that can set a part of you – FREE.

Swing your hips to some Tony Bennett – This will uplift you and help you sing out – I Gotta Be Me!

Body Talk Session
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