cell-phone-b-cancerWith the world becoming more and more dependent on technology, it’s no surprise how reliant people have become on their cell phones. In fact, it seems that these days, cell phones are simply an extension of our arms. We can’t put our cell phones down, we can’t stop looking at them, and more than likely we would be lost without them. But is all this cell phone use harming our health? It just may be, in more ways than one.

For starters, a night of sleep is now often interrupted by a buzzing text as we doze off, or a quick check of Instagram when we can’t fall right to sleep. Many people are browsing their phones right before bed and first thing in the morning. But that LED light  your phone gives off is actually lowering melatonin production making it harder for us to get a quality nights sleep, which essentially means we’re less relaxed and more stressed.

We rely on our cell phones for everything from directions to making dinner reservations and even to finding the best gas prices, which all seem like helpful things. However, the side effect of having so many great apps is that people are truly becoming addicted to their phones, even going through withdrawal symptoms, such as fidgeting and anxiety, when they don’t have their phones around.

Of course, when you think of things that are dirty or covered in germs, cell phones don’t typically come to mind. But studies are showing otherwise and if you think of all the places people are now taking their phones (like the bathroom), it’s not so surprising to learn how bacteria ridden these devices actually are.

What about all that typing and game playing that everyone does? Well, unfortunately that’s not so great for you either. Leaning over your phone to type can cause head and neck pain, while the actual typing can cause hand, wrist and forearm pain. And be careful how loud the sound is on those games, or when you listen to music. Excessive volume can lead to hearing loss.

Of all the ways in which cell phones are harming your health, radiation may be one of the worst. While there are thought to be many risks in correlation with cell phone radiation (including cancer), it’s still a highly debated and researched topic.  Dr. Oz had a girl, Tiffany Frantz, on his show who believes she developed breast cancer at age 21 with no family history of cancer.  She believes it was from always putting her cell phone in her bra.  Obviously there needs to be some more scientific facts but this is quite the coincidence.

One thing is definitely clear– spending less time on our cell phones would probably be beneficial for everyone’s health and well-being.


We know it’s not possible to fully do this, so to keep the radiation away I suggest using ‘Earth Hearts’ which are adhesive ‘stickers’ that help against harmful EMF’s.