Now that we’ve learned the many great cancer fighting properties of Omega-3 Fatty Acids– How can we incorporate them into our daily diets?

In my opinion, it is best to get your Omega-3’s from the food you eat.  The best food sources are flaxseeds and salmon.

Flaxseeds contain more omega-3’s than any other known edible plant.  You can add them to your smoothies, yogurt, sprinkle them on salads, etc.

I also recommend buying salmon from a reputable source that tests for mercury levels.

Here’s a great list of more Omega-3 Food Sources and how much to consume:

Food Serving omega-3 fatty acids % DV Density Quality
Flax seeds 0.25 cups 7.0 g 156.4 17.6 Excellent
Walnuts C 0.25 cup 2.3 g 50.4 6.3 Very good
Chinook salmon, baked/broiled 4.0 oz-wt 2.1 g 46.4 3.6 Very good
Scallops, baked/broiled 4.0 oz-wt 1.1 g 24.4 3.3 Good
Soybeans, cooked 1 cup 1.0 g 22.9 1.6 Good
Halibut, baked/broiled 4.0 oz-wt 0.6 g 13.8 1.8 Good
Shrimp, steamed, boiled 4.0 oz-wt 0.4 g 8.2 1.5 Good
Snapper, baked 4.0 oz-wt 0.4 g 8.0 1.1 Good
Tofu, raw 4.0 oz-wt 0.4 g 8.0 1.9 Good
Winter squash 1 cup 0.3 g 7.6 1.9 Good
Tuna, yellowfin 4.0 oz-wt 0.3 g 7.3 0.9
Cod, baked 4.0 oz-wt 0.3 g 7.1 1.2
Kidney beans 1 cup 0.3 g 6.7 0.6

Unfortunately not all of us can eat the necessary foods everyday to get enough omega-3’s.   Another great way to make sure you’re getting enough Omega-3’s is to take a daily Supplement.  I recommend Premier Research Labs EFA oil blend in capsules or liquid.

It’s pretty amazing when you realize that you are in control of your health and well-being.  Treat your body right and focus daily on a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of disease.

Be Well,

Tammy Kohlschmidt RDH, CCT, CBP

Thermography for Health NY