Upon waking is a good time to check in with your Emotional Brew. (If you aren’t sure what I mean by that, check out this video clip for my explanation.)

Do you feel fresh?
Are you holding on to yesterday’s pain?
What dramas continue to bubble up?

This is a good time to follow the recipe for a clean brew so that you are not bringing these energies into your day and connecting them telepathically to others that enter your ether or energy field.

Take responsibility and manage your emotions just as you would shower to start the day fresh and clean.

Women, remember to CBJS your breasts while in the shower – you never know what healing took place during sleep. This will increase the flow of blood, nerves and lymph.

Enjoy this clip from the 3Fph’s, Sleep and EMF’s Episode 8, from my video series “Your Body Your Breasts.”

Watch this short video clip from my 12-part series: Your Body Your Breasts

YBYB Episode 3
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