I want to share with you my Special Morning Routine…

‘Every morning I hit my alarm at 6:15 am and head straight to my yoga mat.  I take about 30-45 minutes to practice Yoga to realign my body, mind, and spirit. I focus on my breath and set positive intentions for the day ahead.  After this ritual I head happily into my kitchen for my other favorite part of my morning routine, my earthy steaming cup of Big Green Hojicha Green Tea!  I look forward to this morning brew as it helps bring another sense of calmness and awareness into my life.  Not only do I enjoy the warmth of the tea but I also know how good it is for my body. Throughout the day I remember this routine by enjoying a few more cups of Tea. Green Tea has helped me find stillness in the midst of chaos here in NYC.’                                         

Tip:  If you can do/add 1 of the following things a day consistently you can cut your risk for cancer in half!
-Drink green tea
-Add turmeric to your diet
-Limit or Delete red meat and alcohol from your diet
-Take folic acid
-Sleep for 8 hours uninterrupted
-Exercise OFTEN
-Take deep breaths all day long

Follow my blog as I expand on these healthy tips!

Be Well,

Tammy Kohlschmidt RDH, CTT, CBP