“Fly Away on my Zephyr. Fly on my wind…”
– Lyrics Red Hot Chili Peppers –

To all of us – May you find the sacred in your suffering. May you find your zephyrs – a soft gentle breeze that floats you, moves you and helps you fly through your suffering and witness others in theirs, with an open heart and a knowing that “this” (whatever “this” is) will all shift as it is supposed to.

Finding the sacred in your suffering comes in the moments of stillness, in your breath, and in the depths of your pain.

You are being guided – Listen, Listen, Breathe and Feel.

Call on a Zephyr to breeze by you and pay attention when it arrives.

If I could give a gift to humanity, it would be the gift of feeling freedom in the midst of pain and being able to ride on the winds of change with belief, trust, and faith.

doTERRA Spotlight
Cheer Uplifting Blend
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Tammy says:
Cheer blend inspires faith that life will work out for the best in spite of difficulties and setbacks. This blend reminds individuals there is so much more to life than the hardship they are experiencing, and to hold on with determination until they can regain the hope and joy they feel they have lost.

Cheer’s aroma inspires an optimistic, cheerful, and happy atmosphere, and creates an energizing and positive environment. 

doterra Cheer

Diffuse at home, work, or school.

Add a few drops to your favorite passive diffuser and place in car.

Apply one drop to the hands, rub together, and inhale deeply as needed throughout the day.

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