Freedom comes with great responsibility.

How do you find freedom in your life?

– Tammy Kohlschmidt

 The 5 Charms of Self-Empowerment


My wish for you in 2023 is to find and feel whatever it is that makes you feel Free.

We could discuss at length what Freedom is or whether or not we truly have it.

This I know for sure –

Freedom comes with great responsibility. To help you find or feel your “Free”. I have created this list of what makes me feel FreeYour responsibility is to enjoy whatever it is that makes you feel Free.

When I heard this message, I knew the deeper meaning of my healing journey. I knew that what motivates me and inspires me to be in the healing arts is to simply alleviate suffering. I had found my sacred in my suffering.

After you view the list, block a slot in your calendar every 1st and 3rd Friday of each month in 2023In that slot, write something in that reminds you to feel your freedom and honor the moments of your lifeYou can access my Feeling Free in 2023 HERE.

I would love to hear what makes you feel Free and take a moment to raise your vibrations to the song below.


Tammy on Motorcycle

Another thing I know for sure –

Your body wants to move and feel Free!
Feeling Free in 2023
doTERRA Spotlight
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Tammy Says:
This is the oil that fully connects you to your physicality. This connects the Free Spirit to the confined body and allows a sense of freedom to be felt. Patchouli brings us to the present moment in body and in spirit.

Patchouli is a member of the mint family. Patchouli oil may help with skin imperfections and is also know for its grounding, earthy aroma.

The earthy aroma of Patchouli contributes to a grounded and balanced atmosphere.

doTerra Patchuli

When applied to the skin, Patchouli promotes a smooth glowing complexion and may reduce the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and skin perfections when applied topically.

After a long day of work, combine with Peppermint oil and apply to the forehead, temples, or back of the neck.

To help reduce the appearance of problem skin areas, wrinkles and blemishes, apply one or two drops or add to your favorite moisturizer.


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