Many of you have been asking questions about how to support your immune system as we continue to move through this pandemic. And I’m so glad that you’re asking!

Prevention is the best approach to sustainable health and wellness.

So with that in mind, I’m resending one of my favorite essential oil “recipes” for immune support.

The use of essential oils is one of the key components to being proactive against the Coronavirus and other challengers to our cellular health.  

Why? Because many essential oils have anti-viral properties. They can enter the cell membrane and support your body’s ability to defeat viruses.

Please keep reading to learn more about the beneficial properties of essential oils and my “recipes” to boost your immune system!

I hope you find this information helpful. 

Cellular Immunity

Properties and Benefits of Essential Oils:

  • Biologically active
  • Have specific cellular targets
  • Selective
  • Active at the surface of the cell
  • Lipid soluble – pass through tissue and membranes
  • Very small molecules (up to 6 million in one drop) efficient at penetrating into tissues/ cells


Here is my “Daily Recipe for Health”
that boosts and supports your immune system:

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              • On Guard hand sanitizer: use regularly
              • On Guard throat drops: as desired
              • On Guard foaming soap: use regularly
          On Guard

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          BONUS RECIPE: 

          Tammy’s Immune Support Bomb

          2 drops Frankincense
          2 drops Melaleuca (Tea Tree oil)

          2 drops On Guard Blend
          2 drops Oregano
          4 drops Lemon
          doTerra Veggie Caps (empty capsules)

          Place all drops into an empty doTerra Veggie Cap. Take one capsule every 4-6 hours. Be sure to fill each Veggie Cap immediately before ingesting as the essential oils dissolve the capsules very quickly.

          Repeat daily as desired during cold and flu season to support your immune system.

          do Terra Veggie Caps