How are things flowing in your life?  

Here are some questions to help you reflect on what the flow is like in your life right now…

  • Where is your attention most of the day?
  • Is there harmony in your day to day?

Please understand this: Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes. 

Each of us needs, wants, and even craves attention. It’s part of our human condition and how we experience emotion, acceptance, connection, and love. 

Men and women – all living things – need the connection from attention. 

Consider who may need your attention to their details or what attention you may need to feel loved and secure. 

You can finish listening to this segment of Mind Food from Episode 7 of my video series “Your Body Your Breasts.” You will not want to miss out on this most important message! 

Watch this short video clip from my 12-part series: Your Body Your Breasts

YBYB Episode 3
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