Thoughts can limit you or expand you.
They can feel heavy or light.
Your energy will follow your thoughts.
Where are your thoughts flowing to?
– Tammy Kohlschmidt –
The 8 Secrets to Optimal Breast Health –

Emotions and thoughts are a very important part of our flow systems. When emotions are not processed, they can become trapped or stuffed in various parts of the body, causing chronic pain and disease. Emotions must flow like water; they need to be felt, expressed, and digested

Thoughts are constantly flowing through our minds. The question becomes, what kind of thoughts are they? Any thoughts that limit your self-worth harbor the most damage since the emotions that flow from that type of thinking are based in fear.

Our inner critic is our worst enemy. Reframing our thoughts is the way to get higher vibrations flowing throughout the body. This is a practice and it takes us going on a deep dive into ourselves.

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The 8 Secrets
doTERRA Spotlight
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Tammy says:                                            Bergamot is the oil for boosting confidence. Just smelling it can take you to a place that feels lighter than the heaviness we sometimes feel when our confidence is low. Don’t let your mind steal your confidence or your inner light. Your self-worth is everything. Bergamot helps you realize that you are enough.

Unique among citrus oils, Bergamot is known for its ability to create both an uplifting and calming environment. It has been used by Italians for years to reduce stress.


When tension or stress levels are high, diffuse Bergamot oil at home or work to help calm and soothe anxious feelings.

Bergamot provides benefits that help purify the skin.

Use Bergamot in the shower, apply to the skin and breathe deeply to experience the calming aroma and experience the cleansing skin benefits.

Combine with carrier oil and apply to the feet before bedtime for a relaxing and calming massage.

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