Emancipation – Free To Do What I Wanna
Emancipation  – Break The Chain
– Lyrics by Prince – 

I woke up this morning contemplating a dream. The dream took place in my house on Hancock Street in Saginaw, Michigan. In my bedroom, there was a door that led to the attic, where it seemed like all the ghosts lived.

I have several reoccurring dreams about this attic door. There’s always a gatekeeper on the other side of the door that helps me keep the ghosts in the attic so that they don’t come out into my room. But this time, in this dream, the ghosts escaped.

One ghost came out into my bedroom, and as another one was barreling its way out; I grabbed it. It was a murky ball of energy or light, and I slammed it up against the wall and watched it ooze.

And then I could see the helper that was in the attic, she was calling the other ghost back to get it out of my room. I almost had a face-off with that particular ghost, but she flew past me into the attic.

At that point, I frantically tried to get the door closedbut it became this piece of fabric that had all these openings and wouldn’t actually close. So there was a chance that those other ghosts could come back through. I grabbed my heavy old fashioned dresser, pushed it up against the wall to close the opening to the attic. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Now as I contemplate that dream, I realize the veil is so thin, between good and evil, our shadows and our light.

I wonder if the ghost that made it into my room had a message and before the message could be delivered, she was called back to the darker veil of the unknown. The message that I get out of it is that there is fear and there is a terrifying energy that comes upon me when I’m forced to be dependent or enslaved into choosing something that is so far from my free will.

Make a list of everything you feel dependent on and in that list, decide if you’re dependent on it because you’ve lost your free will of choice or because you have chosen to be dependent on it possibly due to fear.

When you choose to be dependent on it, you are acting in free will, but if you haven’t made that choice and you felt that your free will was taken and you had to do it, whatever it is, then you’ve become dependent and enslaved.

It’s a very deep concept that takes a lot of soul searching and deep reflection into your life and all aspects of your life. Whether it’s your family, your work, your entertainment, your choice of foods, your habits, your health, or even your moods and emotions. Take a deeper look at dependency and enslavement. This is what we are all facing, whether we know it or not.

Broken Chains and Hands

Recognize this, enslavement is deep in our genetic code. It has been with the human race through all of evolution. We’ve all been in it, no matter our race, no matter our religious background, no matter what we believe or do not believe, we have all been in it, playing a role in some way, somehow and in some shape, or form.

Remember, your dreams are the gateway to your subconscious. And it is a way for your psyche to learn and see what you’re feeling on the deepest levels.

Have you ever made a list of your favorite words? These are some of mine and as you read them, let your vibrations riseFreedom, emancipation, liberation, manifestation, enlightenment, sovereign, brilliance, and elevation.

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Rise up in the freedom and dance to this!

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