Before you go to sleep tonight, ask for guidance in any part of your life that you feel needs some clarity or direction.

Ask your subconscious to express in a dream something that will help you on your healing journey.

Ask your subconscious to wake up any part of you that is “asleep” at the wheel so that you may become a stellar driver and easily navigate through your life.

Your dreamtime is a perfect time for your body to work on healing itself, and for your spirit to heal your life.

Let yourself be curious about your dreams. That is how your answers start to come, through wonder and curiosity.

Watch this super short clip from Episode 9, Your Body Your Breasts, to learn what I use the acronym D.R.E.A.M.S. to symbolize.

Watch this short video clip from my 12-part series: Your Body Your Breasts

YBYB Episode 3
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