“I will protect you in the night,

I’m smiling next to you, in Silent Lucidity” – Queensryche –

Appreciate your dreams  whether they are good or bad, remembered or NOT remembered. Fleeing upon waking or held silently in your journal.

Dreams are our mystery, our connection to source and dimensions. Our warnings or our future endeavors.

You can read the science and understand it logically and yet – it is our mystery, our unknowns, and our interpretations that matter.

Just know this – Dreams are uniquely yours, based on your unique life experiences, and your soul’s journey. Dreams are a way for the soul to thrive and connect to you and help clear you as well as guide you.

                                                    D – Deep Mindscapes

                                                    R – Relive and Rebirth

                                                    E – Escape

                                                    A – Anima and Animus

                                                   M – Meanings and Symbols

                                                    S – Source – Connection for your Subconscious to PLAY

Move Deep into your Mindscapes  The many lands of pleasure and pain. The place the mind journeys to, filled with landscapes, airscapes, seascapes, and spacescapes – oh the places you will go with imagery…

Relive & Rebirth –
Relive events and traumas to create clearing and understanding. Rebirth your future, your plans, and your creativity.

Escape the mundane or the trauma and dive into your fantasies.

Connect and fall into your anima and animus. Be in your divine feminine or divine masculine with ease and pleasure.

Insertion of thoughts

Pay attention to meanings and symbols, to animals and archetypes. Even if you don’t understand – your deeper self does. Your future and your past get investigated and excavated.

Source or God, or Universe is in our dreamtime for connection. It is also time for our subconscious to PLAY!

Journal your dreams if your memory allows it. Even if it is a fleeting image or thought. Daydreams and nightmares are just as powerful and deserve your time and attention. 

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doTerra Juniper Oil

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