Essential oils are, in theory, 100% natural;  however, modern processing methods can introduce contaminants into the oils.  Thus, it is important to use only 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils like doTERRA oils, in order to ensure that the essential oil you are using really contains the fundamental aromatic components of the plant — and no unwanted contaminants.

Consumers are often misled by the “organic” label, which seems to promise that the essential oil will be pure.  Did you know that many “organic” oils actually contain contaminants?    They can be labeled “organic” because the plants from which they are derived are grown according to organic standards.  However, when the plants are processed. these oils are diluted with carriers and sometimes synthetics.  Since the plants are grown organically, the oils are allowed to be labeled “organic” — even though they are filled with contaminants added during processing!

Sometimes, contamination of “organic” oils happens even before processing begins.  For instance, the fields of an “organic” farm can be right next to the fields of a non-organic farm.  In this scenario, chemicals and run-off will enter into the “organic” plants.  Consequently, the “organic” fruits and vegetables will be contaminated — yet they will still be certified organic.  “Organic” standards do not require plants to be examined to see if they are contaminated with chemicals or heavy metals.  In other words, the “organic” standard is quite lax and allows a lot of leeway for contamination.

However, doTERRA oils are held to a much higher standard than the “organic” standard.  doTERRA oils are (CPTG) Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.  The CPTG standard goes far beyond organic standards, because organic standards just do not cut it.  Specifically, every doTERRA oil undergoes seven tests that use state-of-the art gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to scientifically validate that doTerra oils contain absolutely zero:
•    chemical residues
•    heavy metals
•    weeds
•    carrier oils
•    synthetics

The CPTG Certification ensures that the essential oil used by the consumer is truly 100% pure and contains absolutely no contaminants.  Please be sure to use only 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils like doTERRA oils.