As I have been writing about in my last 2 posts-  ‘Defy your DNA’ Part 1 & Part 2,  you have the power to change your DNA!

Today I want to focus on Health & Nutrition.

Here at Thermography for Health NY we have a tool called  LSA ( Limbic Stress Assessment)  which helps us pinpoint your body’s weaknesses.

Your body’s systems are designed to maintain good health and a general balance. But today’s physical, nutritional and emotional demands often overwhelm these systems and leave your body depleted of the resources it needs.

Our goal at Thermography for Health NY is to help decrease the stress in your body so your innate ability can kick in and work at it’s best.  This will help your body change its DNA.

The LSA system is made by a company called Zyto.  For this assessment you put your hand on a cradle.  It might not feel like much but this cradle is a form of bio-communication and it’s software system sends out digital frequencies into your hand.  These frequencies  from your galvanic skin response are measured and your body sends back digital signatures.

Next these signatures are analyzed in the computer and it shows us  what your weaknesses are.

This LSA assessment allows me to  put together a nutritional plan based on your own personal needs which will help balance your weakness and defy your DNA.

If you are interested in an exam or have any questions please call Thermography for Health at 212-973-9425.

It will help you be on the right path to defy your DNA!

Be Well,

Tammy Kohlschmidt RDH, CCT, CBP