Turn on your heart light, for all the world to see.
 – Neil Diamond, Lyrics from Heart Light – 

Joy and Sadness live in our heart, they intertwine and become compassion. Compassion fuels our heart light. Shine your heart light with the intention of compassion on all that you witness in another, whenever there is a trauma or suffering. This has the power to dispel negativity and it only requires our awareness and a quick sharing of intention. Sharing becomes the shining light of compassion.

The benefit for you is that as you shine from your heart  you become stronger and brighter and negativity cannot attach to you. Your heart light dispels, repels, and propels negativity in a way that can neutralize it and render it inert.

Humanity as a whole has yet to discover what empowers them. Many still seek false power through their ego and many others are merging in and out of awakening. Wherever you find yourself in your earthly human journey – know this … compassion is a high vibration and as you shine, you give. As you give you receive and that is a gain of heart which becomes strength, courage, wisdom, and love.

Turn on your heart light and listen to Neil Diamond!

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doTERRA Spotlight
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Tammy says:

Magnolia is the oil of compassion it opens the mind to be perceptive, thoughtful, and insightful. This opening comes from the heart and as Magnolia vibrates with compassion, it can improve the connection and interconnectedness with our mind.

Calming and relaxing.

May help ease feelings of stress or anxiousness when applied.

To comfort your skin, roll on Magnolia to provide a soothing touch.

Roll on Magnolia Touch daily and use it as your signature personal fragrance.

doTerra Magnolia Touch

To help create feelings of calm and relaxation, roll onto the bottoms of your feet.

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