With Spring in the air, it becomes a natural time for cleansing and detoxifying.

If you do a cleanse it should also include cleansing from the toxic sensory input we are all bombarded with on a daily basis.

Take a break from the news and SM or anything else that has become a toxic sensory input.

During the cleanse, remove your bra as often as possible and massage your breasts. This will move the toxins and release the “stagnant pond water” by increasing circulation of blood, nerve and lymph.

Are you ready? We’re going to complete the CBJS exercise in Episode 5: You Are What You Digest, from my new video series “Your Body Your Breasts.”

In the clip below I show you how to add in our Shimmy! We already know circle, bounce and jiggle. So … let’s do it.


In love and light,

Watch this short video clip from my 12-part series: Your Body Your Breasts

YBYB Episode 3
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