Internal shifts…External shifts…

During my week off, I decided to do a deep dig. I wanted to see what was sprouting inside my root system and see what roots were ready to be released.

This is a fancy way of saying that I did a Body Talk Session on myself.

The message I received was this: internal shifts make external changes.

I then knew the internal shift was a vibration that had me locked into a habit. My body was ready for a shift in vibration, which would cause a new rhythm or a change in harmony.

When the internal shifts, the external changes. This can be what we are attracting to us in our environment, a behavior pattern we may have, or a change in perception of what we experience as the outside world.

Habits can often be stuck or linked to a pace or a rhythm.

Our nervous system loves our habits. A change in habit could be a big disruption for our nervous system and even though it may be best for us, it can be blocked by the program we are running. My internal shift – my new vibration – was a way for my nervous system to release the habit.

If we know that internal shifts make external changes, then the question becomes what is my internal terrain made of?

When you look at your internal terrain, ask yourself what is growing, dying off, or blossoming?

The “deep dig” of self-discovery is endless. There is so much to explore! We are ever-shifting, ever-growing beings.

Let me know if you need some help with your deep dig – a Body Talk Session is like putting on a headlamp and spelunking! It’s amazing what comes to light.

And always, I encourage you to take a moment to get out of your head and into your body. Try moving to the Staple Singers.

Body talk session
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