“There are deeper meanings in our mundane.  You only

have to awaken to the simplicity of it all.  Therein lies

the Secrets you seek – Nothing is without meaning.”

– Tammy Kohlschmidt – 

And so the story goes…….

Eva came in for a Body Talk session feeling distraught and experiencing a void after the sudden passing of her best friend. There are so many levels and layers to our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions when someone we love passes on.


The 2 of us were elated when her body gave her this message:

Write a letter to your friend and then cross her name off and write your name in her place.

This triggered some fear in Eva as she felt like her fear of suddenly dying would place her in that energy field if she became the recipient of the letter.  She was also stuck – with a loss of words.

And that was exactly the point of connection her body wanted her to face  her fear of sudden death.

Her body then said – “these are the 3 main points to include in the letter”:
Appreciation, Abandoned, and Apples.

As I heard this message I thought, APPLES???  What can this possibly mean?

And so, the message from Spirit unfolded beautifully and clarified what Eva should include in her letter.

Besides Appreciation and Abandoned, this was the message from APPLES:

A  Alive through Art
P  Presence through Distance
P  Perseverance in Dissonance
L  Love and Light for Energy Flow
E  Eternal – Spirits in Flight
S  Surreal – Earth Life as Illusion

Apple Orchards


Eva and Mimi were both artists and they were each other’s support system. One of Eva’s fond memories of childhood was the small apple orchard she grew up on. Through the word APPLESshe found her words for the letter, faced her fears, and replaced them with faith.

Now when she gets triggered, she simply whispers “Apples” ……

What whispers are waiting to surface from your body, mind, and spirit?

Doing a Body Talk session can help you listen in and hear whatever it is you need to FEEL and LET GO.                                                                                                                                                                                           
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