BodyTalk is truly the single most important modality I have ever encountered and used in my healing journey. It balances all levels of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.

And it does so whether you and I are side-by-side in my office or if we’re each in our own home. Yes, it’s true!

How can that be, you ask?

Everything is energy.

Our cells, our emotions, our pain, our health and our illness – all are energetic.

Every single cell, atom, and bodily system is in constant communication with every other cell, atom and system within the body-mind complex at all times. This includes communication through your nervous system, as well as the other subtle energy circuits of your body – such as the meridians and the electromagnetic frequencies that are produced by the body through its functioning.

Stress breaks down our energetic communication systems and our bodily energy is drained. Our minds get overwhelmed. Our brain feels foggy. Our emotions run high. Things are not operating as they should.

We can feel the results of that disrupted communication it at every level of our being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

This is such an incredibly stressful time – for all of us.

Our mind-body is suffering greatly from the daily onslaught of stress brought on by current events on the news, in our cities, and within our families.

BodyTalk Sessions Are Powerful

Have you ever had a BodyTalk session?

I have been scheduling long-distance BodyTalk sessions with patients – which I call remote Bodytalk sessions – since 2008.

I was happy to know that I could support people with the remote sessions – knowing how powerful they can be.

But here’s the amazing part – the results from the remote BodyTalk sessions are just as powerful as in-person sessions.

BodyTalk Taps Into Your Body’s Wisdom To Heal Itself On All Levels

BodyTalk helps to re-establish these energetic circuits and mind-body communication in a quick and effective way.

It allows me, as the BodyTalk practitioner, to energetically tap into your body’s energy to learn what it needs to restore balance and health.

I urge you not to carry around the burden of all the stress and anxiety present in our world right now.

Don’t let it be your body’s burden.

Don’t let it be your burden on any level – physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

With BodyTalk you can begin to restore balance and energy very quickly.

We are so much more than 3D.

Take really good care of yourself during these turbulent times.

Let’s get a Body Talk session set up for you, whether in-person or remote.

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Schedule your distance BodyTalk today and begin healing.
You will be amazed at the power!

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